They call on the permanence of the value of culture and the long tradition of the French University.

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2 Results Representations yes, but to do what? In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group For teachers review May 1995 Author: Gerard de Vecchi More The problem situations: lure or actual teaching Advanced In: The New Educator PEMF For teachers review Math> Logic maths December 2004 Other background: Olivier Brignon, PE teacher (elementary in Paris and secondary) and Gerard de Vecchi, lecturer in Educational Sciences analyzed what logic articulated construction, in the classes of the second degree , representations of students to the famous “problem situations”. (See page 13) Authors: Gerard de Vecchi and Olivier Brignon More

In: Society> Educational Building pedophilia Eastern edited by a Departmental Group for review educational principles Teachers> Rights of the Child in February 2002 Educational Building East, No. 334-335 February-March 2002 Author: Michel Barre Print
In: The Educator Editions of the Modern French School For Teachers review Arts> Visual Arts> Drawing March 1947.

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In: The Educator Editions of the Modern French School For Teachers review instructional techniques> Classroom Organization> March 1947 part of the master’s “humanist” who, for some reason, bind their fate to the scholastic, defend themselves.

In the General Guide January 25, 1947, Andre Ferre, entitled “Method and Man” seems to condense all the arguments, good or bad, that the pedagogical reaction mobilizes dam against the rise of the New School . “The affirmation of the neophytes of reform, writes Andre Ferre, is to a negation of the importance of the person of the educator, his human quality. This is what is most feared in their mystical … …

The quality of education, says the other hand A. Ferre takes infinitely less than the methods employed to that of the man who employs them; it is surprising that so banal observation may need to be declared as a discovery and takes almost paradoxical figure. The most traditional teaching methods, when they are the instrument of a naturally noble soul let a spirit of scale, give surprising results.

It is feared that the most boldly innovative methods handled by vulgar beings, not surprising in a completely different direction. One wonders if it would not be wiser to leave these, and also to leave, lukewarm, the timid, the use of methods restful and have proven themselves whatever they say. True, the only reform would be to entrust the work to the education of men and women of great heart, extended soap and high intelligence. “Misunderstanding and false reasoning.

Traditional thinking philosopher, who argued in the absolute, without realizing the implications of completely different social reality. We, too, say the author: if he could find, to educate the mass of our children, men and women of great heart and a deep knowledge, maybe then would we consider the problem From another angle. But the fact is, alas, indisputable: these elite educators are a tiny minority, and it is not on them that we can align methods and techniques.

Suppose they are the tenth staff – estimate, I think, generous. This tenth does not need our solicitude. We loved the huge nine-tenths, we are of the warm, these timorous just suitable methods easy. We reject alms that would have us a peace of passivity and death and we pretend improve performance not only technical but also human of our work. * * * You have to have experienced the inhumanity of peasant labor in the valleys that has not modernized the present technique to understand the progress represented by the use of certain agricultural machinery: man is not a beast as unfortunate that the animals he treats; the performance of his work improves and its standard of living increases.

The peasant who leaves his cottage and his land barren and bare farm down in the valley, led horses, leads a tractor or a car … He does not return to the valley … * * * Without modern equipment, with the only resource verbiage as a tool and technique, the average teacher – one of those nine-tenths – is like the farmer who despairs scratched the ground with a wooden tool that blunts and fails to achieve in depth earth to stir.

The yield is almost zero and the worker is doubly punished by the depressing feeling of helplessness, and his poor performance that pushes doggedly toward the black valley of misery. Give this teacher tools that enable its students to work: a garden, a workshop, a printing press, sheets, discs, radio, travel. less pain and improved performance, confidence, success, well-being and dignity.

To prepare for these techniques to teach us the use of modern tools, journals are expected, demonstrations, workshops … We evangelize, said A. Ferre, as if evangelizing the peasants because we made them attend courses to teach them new work techniques. Evangelization work! * * * They will say maybe improving working techniques has nothing to do with the human formation that concerns so justly scholastic philosophers.

They call on the permanence of the value of culture and the long tradition of the French homework help
University. But we know we, as men do not live, do not think and do not act in the era of the pre-industrial craft as they do later with the advent of modern industry. It is not for nothing that speaks of a civilization of stone, bronze, iron, steam or electricity.

You find that we may well continue to teach our children spinning the distaff and melting candles to prepare them to live in a world that knows neither the one nor the other. Are we so illogical or so presumptuous to think that there are better things to do than to persist in practices, we may regret perhaps, but our children do not know and they do what to do. * * * We would prepare, according to Ferre, age of anonymity, the age of the masses, threatening prelude to the era of termite hills, where human individuals no longer count for anything!

Tell us about these good traditional classes, caporalisees to the extreme, where children methodically depersonalized, become just numbers able to read and recite all the same text, with the same intonation prayer, where the individual n has never an opportunity to express themselves and realize with originality! Such a school exalted human values! By what miracle, therefore, if not by the preaching of which we know the vanity?

And it is we who advocate and practice free expression, teamwork, the original work – in literature as in drawing or theater -; that we are showcasing this parcel of humanity and genius that lies within every being, it is we who would prepare the mound? Why not make us responsible, slow, inhumane termite mounds which are the vast capitalist factories, subtlety of a philosophy that does not bother with reasonable scientific or dialectic! * * * We prepare the tools and we are developing techniques that enhance the personal value of educators.

Elise Freinet has well said: WHAT IS THE PART OF THE MASTER? and reacting against the extremist who boasted to let children realize without using the master texts and drawings. Our comrade J. Boissel writes about this: I think there is a contradiction between what you say from the master and the other idea that our methods are valid for all teachers, good and .. . less good. For beautiful poems must be the master poet. If there are children’s spontaneity at the base of the poem, there is also the master’s hand to correct a detail, a word, a sound: ex. (.

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